Could Adrenal Fatigue Be the Hidden Cause of Your Allergies?

If you suffer from allergies to pollen, grass, dust, pet dander or other environmental allergens, which does not respond to treatment—there’s a chance that your adrenal glands are not functioning properly.

The Adrenals are the Body’s Hormonal Powerhouse

Your adrenal glands are small but powerful glands that sit above your kidney and manufacture and secrete steroid hormones such as cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone that are essential for health and vitality. They moderate the functioning of every organ, tissue and gland in your body to maintain homeostasis during stress. They also have significant effects on the way you think and feel.

The Adrenals and Allergies

Adrenal function plays an important role in allergic reactions. Most allergies involve the release of histamine and other substances that produce inflammation. Cortisol, one of the primary hormones produced by the adrenal glands, is a strong anti-inflammatory. The more histamine released, the harder the adrenals have to work to produce enough cortisol to manage the inflammation and the more fatigued they may become.

It’s not surprising that people with environmental allergies tend to experience adrenal fatigue as well. It’s a vicious cycle of reduced cortisol, which allows the histamine to inflame the tissues more, leading to deepening adrenal fatigue as well as to bigger allergic reactions.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

According to Dr. James L. Wilson, author of Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

“Adrenal fatigue is any decrease in the ability of the adrenal glands to carry out their normal functions. This happens when your body is overwhelmed, when stress overextends the capacity of your body to compensate and recover. Consequently, the adrenals become fatigued and are unable to continue responding adequately to further stress.”


The best way to address adrenal fatigue is to support your adrenals through lifestyle and nutritional modifications. If you are a patient of Dr. Chavez or Dr. Mireles-Chavez then you already have a treatment plan for Adrenal Fatigue. If you are not yet a patient here a few things you can do to give your adrenals a break!

  • Sleep 7- 8 hours a night
  • Foods to avoid include:
    • Caffeine
    • Sugar and sweeteners
    • Processed and microwaved foods
    • Hydrogenated oils
  • Use physician recommended supplements such as MD Prescriptives
  • Take a mental recess: enjoy five minutes and go outside, take some deep breaths, play with your pet, laugh, or turn off all media to give your mind a break.

If you suspect that you have adrenal fatigue please contact our office to request a consultation.

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