We would like to take this opportunity to express to you our sincerest gratitude for choosing Optimal Medical Group!

Whether this is your first treatment with us or you are a return patient, we appreciate the confidence you have placed in our ability to provide the highest quality medical care and excellence in age management medicine. In order to maintain this level of care, a good deal of time, effort and expense is undertaken by our staff to prepare for any procedure we are scheduled to perform.

No Show/Cancelation Policy

All cancelations must be made by 12 PM the business day prior to your appointment so that we can give your time to another patient. Failure to cancel by noon, the previous business day, will result in a cancelation fee.

PRP Treatment Scheduling Policy

This policy pertains to all scheduled treatments and allows Optimal Medical Group to continue to maintain a superior level of excellence in the form of safe, timely, high-quality and personalized care to all of our patients with the resources at our disposal.

When you are ready to reserve a treatment date, a non-refundable $500.00 “Operating Room Fee” is required. Payment in the form of cash, check or credit card is accepted. The “O.R. Fee is non-refundable.* The balance of payment (your procedure fee minus the O.R. Fee) for the scheduled procedure is due exactly seven calendar days of 1 week before your PRP Treatment unless other extended payment arrangements have been previously made. Failure to make the balance of payment at the time period outlined above will result in the cancellation of your procedure.

Please take note that all patient-initiated cancellations will require the payment of an additional O.R. fee upon rescheduling.*

Optimal Medical Group reserves the right to cancel any procedure for any reason including, but not limited to, medical contraindications or breach of office policy, including non-payment. Any rescheduling initiated by Optimal Medical Group would not require an additional O.R. Fee.


Thank you again for choosing Optimal Medical Group!